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1. What is the Medical Degree offered in Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, and China?

The degree offered is MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree (except China) which is equivalent to MBBS degree offered in India. In china the degree offered is MBBS.

2. How is different from MBBS?

MBBS and MD are both primary medical qualifications degrees are equal (See ECFMG list of degrees recognized from different countries) MBBS is British system of Education, whereas MD is American system of education.

3. What is the medium of instruction?

English is the medium of instruction for all the universities.

4. Am I eligible to practice medicine in India after completing my MBBS at Cagayan State University?

In order to practice medicine in India, you have to be registered with the Medical Council of India (MCI). After that, you will need to apply to MCI and complete the Screening Test. When you pass the Screening Test, you are provided with registration with the Medical Council of India. Therefore, you will be eligible to practice in India.

5. What happens if the student fails to clear the screening test?

Student can appear any number of times for the screening test. However, generally students who have good academic record expected to clear this exam in first attempt.

6. Are these universities recognized by the Medical Council of India?

Under MCI regulations, Indian citizens seeking admission in a foreign medical institution on or after March 15, 2002, will need to approach MCI for issue of an Eligibility Certificate. This will allow candidates to apply for the Screening Test after completing the medical course abroad.

7. Are the medical degrees from Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, and China Universities recognized worldwide?

Each country will have its own medical governing council or authority, which regulates the country’s healthcare standards and practices. No matter where you finish your degree, you will need to apply for registration with the appropriate country’s medical board and pass the licensing requirements before being allowed to practice medicine in the country. No medical degree will entitle you to “automatic” recognition in any country.

8. Why study MBBS abroad?

1) Cutting-edge curriculum Integrated problem-based learning approach
2) English Medium
3) Affordable tuition fees
4) Well-established infrastructure of universities and hospitals
5) Excellent boarding and lodging provided by the universities

9. What is the total duration of the course?

The course duration will be varying country to country. It comprises of five to six years including internship depend upon country you choose.

10. What are the eligibility requirements to enter into medical school?

To be eligible for the program, students must have completed minimum 10,+ 2 or equivalent examination with 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and pass in English, SC/ST 40% marks required. 17 years completed as of December 31st.

11. Do I have to sit for an entrance level examination before taking the course?

No entrance level examination is required for this course.

12. Where will I stay when I get there?

Dormitory facilities are available at all participating universities. The universities offer high-quality dormitories for both male and female students.

13. Is there separate hostel accommodation for girls?

Yes, all of the universities provide separate dormitory facilities for females.

14. Who will make travel arrangements?

All travel arrangements, VISA ,MCI eligibility certificate can be made by us.

15. Do I need a passport?

Yes, you should have a passport.

16. When does the academic year start?

The Academic year vary country to country. ( between September to November)

17. Will there be a local coordinator inside the campus to assist me if I need help?

Yes, our local counter part in specific country will provide students with support, counseling and guidance during the course of their degree.

18. Can a student take USMLE?

Yes, graduates from all our associated universities are eligible for appearing in USMLE

19. What is the course fee per year?

The tuition fees will varying depends upon the country / University. It may be minimum Rs.1.5 Lakhs and maximum Rs. 5 Lakhs.( Contact us for complete details)

20. Can a student avail education loan? if yes what is the procedure?

Yes, education loan is available from all nationalized and scheduled banks/ The student has to apply directly to the bank at the place of permanent residence. we will assist the student in processing the loan by providing all necessary documents required from the university.

21. When should I start application process and to whom I have to contact for more information?

Once you decide to go abroad no need to wait for your +2 results. You can submit the application along with your 10th and 11th mark sheet to block your seat. Simultaneously you should get ready your passport. Later you can produce your +2 mark sheet before applying Visa.

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