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About CENTRAL AMERICA - Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean belt it is located north/north east of the island of Saint Vincent, northwest of Barbados an south of Martinique. Saint Lucia is an independent state of the Commonwealth of Nations associated with United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state of Saint Lucia, represented on the island by a governor general.

The capital city of Saint Lucia is Castries where 32.4% of the populations live. Major town includes Gros Islet, Soufriere and Vieux Fort.

The culture of Saint Lucia has been influenced by East Indian, French, African and English heritage. One of the secondary languages is Creole, a form of French patois.

The local climate is tropical, moderate by northeast trade winds with dry season from December 1 to may 31 and wet season from June 1 to November 30.

American International Medical University (AIMU)

About University

American International Medical University (AIM-U), in Saint Lucia and in USA (AIMU-WAU Centre for Medical Science), is an affiliate of AIM-U International Group, a premier international medical school offering the Doctor of Medicine Degree. This International school was established mainly to cater American and Canadian students. However, in recent times many Indian students have obtained admission with AIM-U.

AIM-U is currently recruiting students for the PRE-MEDICAL program for its US campus in Maryland in the newly established Washington Adventist University. Studying from US curriculum will enable students to successfully clear the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination). This pathway is recognized to give students an excellent opportunity to become doctors in America. In addition it is very cost effective as compared to many other countries, as students can successfully become MD (Doctor of Medicine) after completing the residency in USA.

The accomplishments of AIM-U’s students are testament of its program: many of our graduated students have successfully cleared (90% of students) Medical Council of India screening test and 85% of students were successfully placed in residency in the US in their desired specialization last year.

AIM-U is widely recognized and listed in many organizations including ECFMG; listed with FAIMER’s IMED and World Health Organisation (WHO) - Avicenna Directories ; Medical Council of Canada , and Medical Council of India. AIM-U has also established partnership with Government of Saint Lucia and Washington Adventist University, USA.

Recognition and Advantages

  • Recognised by ECFMG – USA
  • Approved for US Board Exam
  • Listed with WHO & MCI(Medical Council of India)
  • Affiliated with ACGME Hospitals in USA.
  • Affordable tuition fee for MBBS
  • Opportunity to complete MBBS & MD in 7 to 8 years
  • MD qualification recognised by MCI
  • No TUITION fee for PG(NRMP) & No screening test in INDIA after obtaining license in the US
  • Students are paid $3500/PM (approx) during MD residentship WHERE THEY DO THEIR SPECIALIZATION (NRMP)
  • Excellent opportunity to clear USMLE-I,II,III and settle down in USA with full license

Life in AIMU , Saint Lucia

Convenience And Location

AIM-U is located in the Tourism HUB of the Gros-Islet area. The Main Campus and hostel are within walking distance of Malls, Supermarkets, Banks and major recreational areas including the beach.

The main mode of transportation in Saint Lucia is the MINIBUS SYSTEM. AIM-U is a 15-minute drive from the capital city, Castries. Transportation costs are fairly low and vary dependent on your destination.

Hostel Accommodation At AIM-U

Accommodation and a meal plans are available at AIMU. Housing options vary according to amenities and cost. Students can speak with the Admissions Office to decide upon a meal plan and housing that best suits their financial capabilities

Students who choose AIMU’s Hostel need to bring essential personal accessories (toiletries including towels, bed sheets, pillows, mosquito repellent, sunscreen (tropical climate). These and other items can also be purchased in Saint Lucia in our neighboring shopping malls and supermarkets which are within walking distance to the University’s campus and Hostel.

Internet And Phone Services

Students can access internet services at AIM-U’s Main campus. WIFI is accessible to all students in the classrooms, library or anywhere on campus. Students living in the hostel have access to internet and WIFI.

There are three (3) main telecommunication companies on the island. They include:

  • LIME

Upon arrival students can choose to acquire a SIM card with which ever company provides the services best suited to their needs. The admissions office can guide students if they require more information. LIME also offers a NET SPEAK package which allows a fixed monthly charge and enables student’s unlimited calls to the USA and CANADA

Bank Information

There are a number of international and local banks in the Gros-Islet, Rodney Bay area. Students can open accounts with the bank of their choice, use wire transfer services and any other service which they might require. There are three (3) popular banks in the Rodney Bay area:

  • Bank of Saint Lucia
  • The Bank of Nova Scotia
  • First National Bank

PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT BANKING HOURS ARE FROM 8am – 2pm weekly. Most banks are closed on the weekend. You can however, access ATMs at almost every major mall or supermarket.

Travel Information

Two airports are located in the Island, Hewanorra to the South and George F.L. Charles to the North. Most international airlines, such as American Airlines/Eagle, Delta, Jet Blue, Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, West Jet, fly regularly to Saint Lucia.

Students would have to inform the Admissions Office of their flight itinerary so that arrangements can be made for pick up at the airport. There will be a minimal charge for airport transfer. Charges will vary depending on the location of the airport (approximately 25USD – 80USD). The University will offer a complimentary airport transfer for the first time arrival.